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Trymata (Formerly TryMyUI) Review: Earn up to $30/hr?

Trymata Review (Formerly TryMyUI) - Should You Join?

What is Trymata?

Trymata, formerly known as TryMyUI, is a user testing platform that pays people to test websites and apps. 

Trymata (Formerly TryMyUI) Sign Up

You get paid to act as a quality assurance tester and provide feedback on the user experience of partner websites and apps.

Here's how it works:

  • Sign up and take a qualification test to prove you can provide high quality feedback
  • Get access to available testing jobs on the platform
  • Download the required screen recorder
  • Follow the testing instructions, completing set tasks while explaining your thoughts aloud
  • Answer post-test questions
  • Submit your test video for review
  • Get paid via PayPal if your work passes quality standards

Trymata offers a flexible way to earn extra money in your spare time by testing websites and apps. But is it worth joining?

Trymata (TryMyUI) is a user experience testing platform where you can get paid to evaluate websites and mobile apps. Once you sign up and pass a qualification test, you gain access to test opportunities on the platform. By completing the required tasks for each test while articulating your thoughts, you can earn money via PayPal for the tests that meet quality standards.

Trymata Payment Methods

Trymata pays testers via PayPal. You'll need a verified PayPal account connected to the email you used to sign up. Payments are processed automatically every weekday.

It typically takes a few days after test completion for payment to reach your PayPal account. This is because tests undergo a review process before payment is approved.

The minimum payment per test is $5. Most tests pay $5-30, but some can pay more. Live moderated interviews tend to pay on the higher end.

Trymata (TryMyUI) offers payment through PayPal, which provides a convenient way for testers to receive their earnings. Payments are issued on weekdays after your completed tests have gone through a review process. The pay per test ranges from $5 to $30 or more, with live moderated tests typically on the higher end of the pay scale. While the per-test pay is reasonable, the overall earning potential is limited by the inconsistent test availability.

Trymata Earning Potential

To maximize earnings on Trymata (TryMyUI), follow these tips:

  • Carefully follow all test instructions
  • Clearly explain your thoughts aloud during the test
  • Provide detailed written answers to post-test questions

This ensures the highest chance of your work passing the quality review for payment approval. However, there is no guarantee you'll be paid for each test.

While the pay per test is decent, tests are not always available. You may go days or weeks without tests to take. This makes the overall earning potential quite limited compared to other websites.

Realistically, view Trymata as a side gig for occasional spare money rather than a steady income stream.

To maximize your earning potential on Trymata, it's important to follow all test instructions carefully, articulate your thoughts clearly during the test, and provide detailed written feedback. By ensuring high quality work, you have the best chance of getting paid for your tests. However, there is no guarantee of payment for every test, and tests are not consistently available. So while the pay per test is reasonable, the overall earning potential is quite limited.

For most people, Trymata (TryMyUI) is best suited as an occasional side gig for extra money rather than a steady source of income. With the right expectations, Trymata can be a good way to generate some spare cash in your free time, but don't rely on it as a primary earner. The earning potential is just too inconsistent for that.

Trymata Available Platforms

Trymata has desktop and mobile testing available. You can complete website tests on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers by downloading the required screen recorder.

For mobile app tests, you can use your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. This provides more testing opportunities if you have access to both desktop and mobile.

Trymata offers the ability to test both websites and mobile apps. For website testing, you can use Windows, Mac, or Linux computers by downloading their screen recording software. Mobile app tests can be completed using either Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

Having access to both desktop and mobile testing provides more opportunities to earn money on the platform. While tests are not always available, checking for both website and app tests gives you the best chance of finding work to complete.

How to Join Trymata

Trymata is open to testers worldwide. To get started:

  1. Go to and click "Become a Tester"
  2. Sign up with your name, email, and password
  3. Verify your account via email link
  4. Take the qualification test recording yourself completing sample tasks

Once your qualification test video passes review, you'll gain access to start earning money testing websites and apps.

Trymata (TryMyUI) is open to testers worldwide, so most people will be able to join. To sign up, go to their website and click to become a tester. You'll provide some basic information like your name and email to create an account. Verify your email, then take their qualification test where you record yourself completing sample tasks. If your qualification test is approved, you'll gain access to start completing paid website and app testing on the platform.

Conclusion - Trymata Pros and Cons

Here are the main pros and cons to consider about Trymata:


  • Available worldwide
  • Good PayPal payment terms
  • Can test on desktop and mobile


  • Low test availability
  • No pay guarantee for each test
  • Must be comfortable explaining thoughts aloud

In summary, Trymata (TryMyUI) is a legitimate platform that provides an opportunity to earn money testing websites and apps. It pays reasonably well per test via PayPal.

However, test availability is inconsistent and you risk spending time on tests that ultimately go unpaid. For most people, Trymata is best used as a side income source rather than a primary earner.

If you're comfortable articulating your thoughts aloud during website/app testing, give Trymata a try. Just set proper expectations around the limited earning potential.

While Trymata seems to be a legitimate user testing platform and pays reasonably well per test, the earning potential is inconsistent and limited due to lack of regular test availability and the risk of completing tests that go unpaid. For most, Trymata is best suited as a side gig for occasional extra money rather than a primary income source. If you go in with the proper expectations around the limited earning potential and are comfortable articulating your thoughts during testing, Trymata can be worth trying as a way to generate some spare cash in your free time. But don't rely on it as your sole or primary earner.

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