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Udemy Instructor Review: Make Money Teaching Online Courses?

Is Teaching on Udemy Worth It? A Thorough Review for Instructors

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning platform that allows anyone to create and sell online courses. Founded in 2010, Udemy now has over 57,000 instructors teaching courses to over 44 million students worldwide.

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On Udemy, instructors can create courses on any topic they want, set their own prices, and earn money as students enroll. It offers a flexible way for experts, professionals, and hobbyists to share their knowledge while making extra income.

How Udemy Works for Instructors

Creating a Course

Creating a course on Udemy simply involves recording videos teaching your topic of choice. You can use PowerPoint, screen recordings, whiteboard tutorials, or any format you prefer. Each lecture should be 5-20 minutes long.

In addition to videos, you can include downloadable resources like PDFs, audio files, zip files, and images. A course typically contains 10-20 lectures totaling 1-8 hours of content.

As you create lectures, you can upload them individually to Udemy to save your progress. Once you've completed the course, add a clear title, description, and attractive cover image.

Pricing Your Course

One of the benefits of Udemy is you get to set the price for your course. Pricing is up to you, but Udemy suggests setting prices between $19-$99.

Keep in mind that lower priced courses tend to get more enrollments. You can always start low to gain reviews and raise the price over time.

Promoting Your Course

Udemy allows you to set a coupon code to encourage enrollments. You can offer percentages off to incentivize students to enroll.

You are responsible for promoting your own course. You can drive traffic through social media, SEO, email lists, affiliate marketing, and any other channels. Udemy gives you promo tools and analytics to support your marketing efforts.

Creating an effective promotional strategy is key to success on Udemy. Simply publishing your course is not enough. You need to actively spread the word to build visibility and drive enrollments. For some instructors, marketing the course can take up as much time as creating it. But with hard work and perseverance, you can build up an audience and customer base over time.

How Do Udemy Instructors Get Paid?

When a student enrolls in your course, you keep a majority of the revenue share. On Udemy's marketplace, instructors earn about 37% of the course price. But with coupon codes and external promotions, you can earn up to 97% of revenue.

Payouts are sent to instructors monthly via PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, or direct deposit. There is no minimum payout threshold, so you get paid no matter how much you earn.

The revenue share on Udemy is generous compared to other online course marketplaces. While lower than if you sold courses on your own website, Udemy handles all the hosting, payment processing, and customer support. They provide a platform to reach a huge student base, so the revenue share trade-off can be worth it, especially when you're first getting started.

What is the Earning Potential on Udemy?

Income potential on Udemy depends entirely on your course topic, marketing efforts, and student satisfaction. Some top instructors have earned over $2 million teaching on Udemy.

On average, instructors earn $1,000-$2,000 per course. With 3-5 best-selling courses, you could potentially earn $3,000-$10,000 a month. But it takes time and effort to build up a catalog of popular courses.

While the earning potential is high, actual income varies significantly between instructors. Many earn little to no money. To maximize your chances of success, choose a topic you're passionate about, create high quality content, build your audience, and provide real value to students. With hard work and persistence, you can develop a steady source of income over time.

What Devices Can You Use Udemy On?

Udemy can be accessed via desktop and mobile browsers. There are also iOS and Android apps available. As an instructor, you can manage your courses and track analytics on any device.

However, for creating courses, a desktop is recommended. Recording and editing course videos is easiest on a laptop or desktop computer before uploading to Udemy.

Who Can Teach on Udemy?

Anyone over 18 years old can become a Udemy instructor. You don't need teaching experience or qualifications. Udemy welcomes experts, professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts to teach any skills or knowledge they want to share.

Instructors come from all over the world. You can teach in any language you prefer. There are currently over 57,000 instructors from more than 190 countries.

Does Udemy Offer Support for Instructors?

Yes, Udemy provides an instructor support center with guides, tips, and help articles. You can also access marketing tools and analytics to improve course performance.

If you need additional assistance, you can submit inquiries through email support. The Udemy support team aims to respond within 24-48 hours.

Udemy offers reasonable support for instructors. However, keep in mind that you are essentially running your own online business. While Udemy provides the platform and tools, you need to drive your success. Do plenty of research, tap into Udemy's resources, and don't be afraid to ask questions as you navigate the process of creating and selling your first course.

Pros and Cons of Teaching on Udemy


  • Flexible way to earn extra income
  • Set your own course prices
  • Keep the majority revenue share
  • No minimum payout threshold
  • Wide audience of over 44 million students


  • You must market and promote your own courses
  • No guarantee of course sales or income
  • Competitive marketplace
  • Recording and editing videos can be time-consuming

The Verdict: Is Teaching on Udemy Worth It?

Udemy can be a rewarding platform for sharing your knowledge and making money online. With over 44 million students, it provides a huge potential audience.

However, creating a profitable Udemy course requires significant time and effort. You need strong presentation skills and marketing abilities to stand out and drive sales. Treat it as running an online business, not just a side hobby.

For the right self-motivated instructor, Udemy is an exciting opportunity to turn your expertise into an income source. But it may not be for everyone. Weigh the pros and cons carefully to decide if you have what it takes to succeed.

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