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Validately Review: Is This User Testing Platform Legit?

Validately Review- Is It Legit or a Scam? (An Inside Look Reviews)

What is Validately?

Validately is a website that pays users to test other websites and provide feedback. Users are sent links to websites that need testing, and are asked to complete tasks and speak their thoughts aloud while recording their screen. Validately then pays users for this testing work.

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Validately used to be more consumer-facing, with their own website, brand, and information. However, Validately was acquired by UserZoom, a larger user testing platform, in 2019. Now Validately operates as a subsidiary of UserZoom under the name UserZoom Go.

So Validately still exists and pays users to test websites, but operates behind the scenes under UserZoom. Their lack of consumer-facing presence nowadays can make Validately seem questionable at first glance. However, UserZoom is a reputable company that has lent further legitimacy to Validately.

Is Validately legit or a scam?

The good news is that Validately is 100% legit and not a scam. They've been around since 2012 and have always paid their testers as promised. The acquisition by UserZoom lent further legitimacy.

Thousands of users have been paid by Validately over the years, myself included. I've personally received many PayPal payments from Validately for website testing work. While Validately has flaws, scamminess is not one of them. If Validately was a scam, it's unlikely they would have lasted for over 8 years and acquired such a large tester base.

Some people are initially suspicious of Validately's model since they are essentially paying people for what seems like a simple task. However, website testing is crucial for companies to improve user experience and increase conversions. Validately provides an affordable way for companies to gain valuable insights into their site's usability and functionality.

How does Validately's payment process work?

Validately pays testers exclusively through PayPal. You're required to enter a PayPal email when signing up as a tester. PayPal is a reputable payment processor, so you can feel secure in Validately's payment method.

Unlike many survey or GPT sites, there are no minimum cashout thresholds with Validately. You get paid for every test as soon as it's approved. This is a benefit over other websites that make you earn a certain amount before being able to withdraw your funds. With Validately, you have access to your money right away.

Payments are processed within 7 days of test completion. This waiting period allows Validately to review and approve each test before paying out. As long as your test follows the guidelines properly, you'll get paid. The 7-day waiting period is fairly standard in the industry and ensures Validately has adequate time to validate the quality of submitted tests before releasing payment.

Some people may find the 7-day waiting period annoying, but it's a necessary part of Validately's payment process. As long as you go into testing with Validately knowing payments may take up to a week to process, the waiting period shouldn't be an issue. The most important thing is that Validately does pay out as promised for all approved tests.

How much money can you make with Validately?

Validately pay rates typically range from $5 to $25 per test, based on test length and complexity. Some intensive tests pay up to $60. These rates are fairly standard in the user testing industry. While not a way to get rich, Validately's pay rates are reasonable for the task.

Your earnings depend entirely on how many tests you can complete. More available tests means more potential earnings. Some months may be more lucrative than others depending on how many tests Validately receives from their clients. The key is checking Validately frequently for new tests.

I've found test volume to be low lately compared to Validately's heyday. You may wait days or weeks between tests nowadays. Patience and persistence are required. It's difficult to predict how many tests will be available at any given time. Some testers may find the uncertainty frustrating. However, when tests are available, it provides an easy opportunity to make some money from home on a flexible schedule.

It's possible to make $100 or more monthly if you're diligent. But for most testers, Validately provides sporadic side income rather than steady earnings. Going into testing with realistic expectations about your potential earnings will make the experience better. Validately is best suited as a supplementary income source rather than a primary way to make money.

Can you use Validately on mobile?

Validately originally required desktop and a Chrome extension to complete tests. Now, some tests are mobile-friendly using Validately's mobile testing app.

The app allows you to record your screen and mic on iOS or Android. But you still need a desktop for many tests, so mobile-only use is limited. Validately's mobile testing abilities are still fairly new, so the volume of mobile-based tests may increase over time. For now, however, a desktop computer is still needed for the majority of tests.

The good news is that Validately provides the flexibility to test on whatever device you prefer when tests are available for both desktop and mobile. Their testing app makes it easy to test on the go from your phone when desired. As Validately continues improving their mobile testing features, the ability to test more frequently on either desktop or mobile will be a great benefit for users.

Who can join Validately?

Validately is open to testers worldwide as long as you're 18+ years old. There are no country restrictions. Validately allows testers from all over the world, increasing your potential to earn regardless of your location.

You must pass an initial screening test to prove your abilities before earning. This involves testing a sample website while narrating your thoughts. Not everyone passes. The screening test helps Validately weed out unqualified testers and ensure higher quality results for their clients. While the screening may seem like an unnecessary hassle, it benefits both Validately and their customers. If you follow the guidelines and instructions, you have a good chance of passing the screening test.

Pros of Validately

  • Pays decent rates for short tests
  • No minimum payment thresholds
  • Reputable company with years of history
  • Available worldwide with no country restrictions

Cons of Validately

  • Low test volume compared to competitors
  • Must pass screening before earning
  • 7-day payment waiting period
  • Need desktop and mic for most tests


In summary, Validately is a reputable company that provides a real, if inconsistent, opportunity to earn. If you're interested in testing websites for pay, and can handle potential slow periods, Validately is worth checking out.

Just temper your expectations, and be prepared for a screening process and intermittent test availability. For the right tester, Validately can provide a nice revenue stream. But you must go into it with realistic expectations about your potential earnings and patience to deal with Validately's flaws.

While not a perfect platform, Validately is a legit way to make money from home on a flexible schedule. At its best, Validately provides an easy way to earn a bit of extra money in your spare time. At its worst, the low test volume and 7-day payment period can be frustrating. But if you understand Validately's model going in, the experience can still be worthwhile.

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