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Is ViewsBank Legit? The Truth Revealed in Our Expert Review

Is ViewsBank Legit? A Detailed Review of Its Payment Methods, Earning Potential and More

ViewsBank is an online community that allows users to earn money by completing small tasks, sharing opinions, and participating in research activities. With the promise of earning extra income, it's natural to wonder - is ViewsBank legit?

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In this detailed review, we'll take an in-depth look at ViewsBank to determine if it's a scam or a worthwhile way to earn some side income. We'll examine its payment methods, earning potential, available platforms, and more to help you decide if ViewsBank is right for you.

What is ViewsBank?

ViewsBank is a UK-based get-paid-to (GPT) site where users can earn rewards for completing various activities online. It's owned by a market research company called Consumer Intelligence.

Some of the key things you can do to earn on ViewsBank include:

  • Completing surveys and tasks (called "assignments")
  • Participating in polls
  • Sharing personal information for market research

The rewards you earn can be redeemed for cash payments. ViewsBank promises its users flexible earning opportunities and a community of diverse people to engage with.

ViewsBank Payment Methods

Whenever you complete an activity on ViewsBank, you'll earn either cash, points, prize draw entries, or a combination. Here's a quick rundown of how each reward type works:

Cash - Most activities pay out cash rewards that get credited to your ViewsBank account balance. Cash is the most straightforward reward and can be redeemed once you meet the £12 minimum threshold.

Points - Some activities award points instead of direct cash. Points convert to cash at a rate of 1 point = £0.01. While points may seem less valuable, they can add up over time and points-based activities are often quick to complete.

Prize draws - Certain activities enter you into prize draws to win additional cash and other prizes. Prize draws provide a chance to win bigger rewards, though your odds of winning depend on the number of other entries.

To receive your earnings, you need to meet a £12 cashout threshold. Payments are processed on the second Tuesday of each month and sent to your PayPal account.

The £12 threshold is higher than many GPT sites, and the monthly payment schedule also means a longer wait for your money. But the PayPal payout method is very convenient for most users.

ViewsBank's payment methods are standard for survey and GPT sites. While the threshold and schedule could be improved, PayPal payments and a mix of cash, points, and prize draws provide good options for most users to redeem their earnings.

ViewsBank Earning Potential

ViewsBank offers a decent earning potential for the activities available. Here are some typical payouts:

  • Surveys - £0.50 to £2 per survey. Surveys are ViewsBank's most common activity. Payouts depend on length and topics covered.
  • Tasks - £0.50 to £5 depending on length. Tasks include things like testing mobile apps, watching videos, and completing sign-up offers.
  • Trending polls - £10 for creator, £0.01 for voters. Users can earn by both creating and participating in popular polls.
  • Information sharing - £5 each time your data is used. Provide personal details like your shopping preferences and get paid when that data is selected for research.

The key to maximizing your earnings is checking for new activities frequently. Most are available on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited spaces. Using the mobile site can help you access activities faster.

Realistically, active users can expect to earn £20 to £40 per month. Reaching the cashout minimum will take consistent effort for most people.

While ViewsBank likely won't make you rich, it provides fair compensation for the types of activities available. Earning potential is in line with most survey and GPT sites. By regularly checking for new opportunities and participating in a variety of activities, users can make decent money relative to the time spent.

Available Platforms

ViewsBank does not have a mobile app, but the website is mobile-optimized. You can access all activities directly through the mobile site using your smartphone or tablet.

While some activities like surveys are easy to complete on mobile, others like research tasks may require a desktop or laptop computer. Having the flexibility to earn on the go or at home is a nice perk.

The lack of an app could be seen as a downside, but ViewsBank's mobile-optimized site works well and provides access to all the same features. The option to participate via mobile or desktop is convenient for most users.

How to Join ViewsBank

ViewsBank is currently only available for residents of the UK. To sign up, you need to:

  1. Provide your basic personal info
  2. Confirm your email address
  3. Take a profile survey

The profile survey collects details like your address to verify your UK residency. Make sure to use the same email for PayPal and ViewsBank to ensure payment.

Once approved, you can start earning by browsing available activities on your dashboard. ViewsBank also gives new users £1 to get started.

ViewsBank's sign-up process is simple and straightforward. The main requirements are being a UK resident, providing an email address, and completing a profile survey. New members are given £1 in their account to begin earning right away, which is a nice welcome incentive.

Conclusion - Is ViewsBank Legit?

In summary, here are the main pros and cons of ViewsBank:


  • Easy to use website and mobile site
  • Good customer support resources
  • Convenient PayPal payment method
  • Provides fair compensation for activities


  • £12 payout minimum is high for some
  • Only pays out earnings monthly
  • Limited to UK residents only
  • Some tasks require a desktop/laptop

Based on this review, ViewsBank is a legitimate way for UK residents to earn some extra cash online. While it has some drawbacks, it provides a decent value for the activities available.

ViewsBank is worth considering if you want to earn a little extra money from home in your spare time. Just don't expect it to replace a full-time income. Approach it as a side hobby instead of a job.

ViewsBank shows no signs of being a scam. It's a real company providing a way for people to earn money by completing online activities. However, it's important to go in with the right expectations. ViewsBank should be used to generate some bonus income in your free time, not provide a living wage or substantial source of money.


ViewsBank is a get-paid-to community that rewards UK users for sharing opinions, taking surveys, and participating in research. It offers convenient PayPal payments but has a high £12 cashout minimum. Earnings potential is decent but limited compared to top survey sites.

Overall, ViewsBank is a legit extra income opportunity for UK residents. While it's not a scam, it's also not the most lucrative site. But it can provide some nice bonus earnings from home if used properly.

ViewsBank is a reputable survey and GPT community for people in the UK. It provides a way to earn real money in your spare time by completing simple online activities. While earnings are limited, ViewsBank can be an easy way to generate some extra pocket money through an enjoyable hobby.

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