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Wintub Review: Is It Real or a FAKE? The Truth Is Out

Is Wintub Worth It? A Review of the Untold Truth

What is Wintub?

Wintub is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that claims to pay you for watching videos online. The main way to earn money is by watching videos that are at least 34 seconds long. You simply click to start the video, wait for the timer to hit 34 seconds, and then click "Complete" to get credit for watching. Each video nets you around $0.05-$0.06.

Wintub Sign Up

Wintub also has a referral program where you can earn rewards by getting other people to sign up using your referral link. Each referral gets you $1. The referral program seems enticing, but given the issues around actually getting paid by Wintub, the referral rewards may just be empty promises.

In addition, Wintub recently launched a mobile app for Android devices. However, the app does not seem to actually help you earn - it just shows screenshots of YouTube videos and redirects you to ads. The mobile app provides no real value and seems to just be a tactic to get more users to sign up for Wintub.

Payment Methods

You can withdraw your earnings to PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer, or Western Union once you reach the minimum payout threshold. The threshold depends on the payment method:

  • PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer: $80
  • Western Union: $100

This is a very high threshold compared to similar sites, which is a major drawback. It will likely take a significant amount of time and effort to reach the $80+ minimum to cash out. In fact, based on how much Wintub actually pays per video, it could take hundreds of hours of work to reach the minimum payout, if it's even possible at all.

Earning Potential

Although Wintub claims you can earn $0.05-$0.06 per video, many users report that the payments drop off drastically once you've earned about $50 total. After that point, your earnings per video supposedly plummet to just $0.002-$0.003.

Considering the high $80+ payout threshold, the very low payments after $50 in earnings mean it would take an extremely long time to ever cash out. There are complaints from many users who were never actually able to reach the minimum payout after spending lots of time on the site.

The abrupt drop in earnings after $50 seems intentionally designed to prevent most users from ever reaching the minimum payout. At just $0.002-$0.003 per video, it could take over 10,000 videos to reach $80. This sort of bait-and-switch tactic is unethical and suggests Wintub has no intention of actually paying most users.

Available Platform

You can access Wintub through your web browser at There is also an Android app available, but as mentioned already, the app does not actually help you earn money. The Wintub website itself seems poorly designed and spammy, with lots of pop-up ads and a cluttered interface. The overall low quality of the site is another red flag regarding Wintub's legitimacy.

How to Join

Joining Wintub is straightforward - just provide your email address and create a password. However, given the many red flags around this site, I do not recommend joining it. Your personal information and time would be at risk, with little chance of any actual reward.


Here are the main pros and cons of Wintub:


  • Simple video watching concept
  • Decent earnings per video at first
  • Referral program available


  • Extremely high minimum payout
  • Earnings per video drop drastically after earning $50 total
  • Many complaints of never reaching the payout minimum
  • Site seems spammy and possibly malicious
  • No valid customer support email
  • Unlikely you'll ever actually get paid
  • Bait-and-switch tactics used to prevent payouts
  • Time and personal info at risk with little reward

Given the many red flags and risks around Wintub, I do not recommend joining the site. There is a very high likelihood that you will waste significant time and never actually get paid. Instead, you're better off looking into more legitimate and transparent GPT sites that offer reasonable rewards and support.


Wintub promises easy money for watching videos, but there are many concerns around abruptly lowered earnings rates, an extremely high payout minimum, and users inability to ever actually get paid. Combined with the spammy and potentially malicious nature of the site, Wintub comes with too many risks to be worth your time.

You will likely end up frustrated and empty-handed after wasting many hours on the site. Wintub uses unethical bait-and-switch tactics to lure in users but prevent most from ever receiving payment. Look for more trusted GPT sites that offer transparent rewards programs, reasonable payout minimums, and reliable support. Your time and personal information are valuable, so avoid risky sites like Wintub that do not respect either.

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