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Is Online Book Club Legit? The Full Review You Need to Read

Is Online Book Club Legit? Full Detailed Review

Online Book Club is a website that allows users to earn money by writing book reviews. But is it really a legitimate way to make some extra cash? This comprehensive review will examine all aspects of Online Book Club to determine if it's worth your time and effort.

Online Book Club Sign Up

What is Online Book Club?

Online Book Club is an online community for book lovers. It provides an opportunity for users to earn money by writing honest reviews about various books featured on the site. Users sign up as "reviewers" and can then browse available books to review.

After finishing reading a book, reviewers write a review that is at least 300 words long and follows the proper guidelines. The review is then submitted to the site's editors for approval. If accepted, the reviewer receives the payment that was promised for that book, usually around $5-$60.

Online Book Club was founded in 2015 to connect readers with new book releases and provide an easy way for them to share their thoughts. The site has grown to feature reviews on thousands of books in a variety of genres like mystery, romance, science fiction, and more.

For readers, Online Book Club offers early access to books before they are released to the public. For reviewers, it's an opportunity to earn a bit of money for sharing their opinions on the latest titles. While the pay is not substantial, many find it an enjoyable way to make a little extra cash while reading books they love.

Online Book Club Payment Methods

Online Book Club pays reviewers via PayPal. As soon as a review is accepted, the payment is processed and sent to the reviewer's PayPal account within 3 weeks. There is no minimum payout threshold, so reviewers get paid for every approved review.

The convenient PayPal payment method is a nice perk, as it allows easy transfer of funds to a bank account or debit card. PayPal is trusted worldwide, so reviewers can feel confident they will receive their payments securely and on time. Overall, Online Book Club offers a simple, reliable payment system that makes the experience worthwhile for many users.

Some reviewers report quick turnaround times of just a few days for review approval and payment. While there may be some variability, Online Book Club aims for prompt payment and most report a good experience with their payment system. For those looking to earn a little cash here and there for their reading hobby, the payment setup is simple and efficient.

Online Book Club Earning Potential

The earning potential with Online Book Club is relatively low. Most opportunities pay only $5-$60 per accepted review. Considering reviewers have to invest significant time reading an entire book, the hourly rate ends up being quite low.

There are also limited opportunities to earn. Many books offer no payment at all. The site itself admits this is not a way to replace a full-time income, but rather an opportunity to earn a small amount on the side.

For true book lovers, the ability to read new releases for free before they hit the shelves could be the biggest incentive for joining Online Book Club. But for those focused on making money, the earning potential is fairly limited. At an average of $10-$30 per review, reviewers would need to read and review at least 10-30 books per month to make $100-$500 in extra income. For most, that level of commitment to reading and reviewing books is unrealistic.

While every little bit helps, Online Book Club should not be viewed as a substantial source of income for the time required. The pay seems to be more of a token of appreciation for reviewers than actual compensation for the work involved. For book enthusiasts, the main reward is getting to read books for free - any payment received is a nice bonus.

Online Book Club Platform

Online Book Club does not have a mobile app, but the website is mobile-friendly. Reviewers can conveniently access their account dashboard and available books for review right from a smartphone or tablet. The mobile-optimized site allows for easy browsing, reading and reviewing on the go.

Books can be read on any device, including Kindle, Android, iOS, or desktop/laptop. This flexibility allows reviewers to read and write reviews from wherever is most convenient for them. Readers today want to engage with content whenever and wherever they want, so Online Book Club's multi-device compatibility is ideal.

The website itself is simple but functional. Reviewers can easily view available books, claim those they are interested in reviewing, submit reviews, check payment status, and more. While the site would benefit from some design upgrades, it serves its purpose and allows both readers and reviewers to connect over a shared love of books. For those seeking an uncomplicated way to earn from home in their spare time, the streamlined site is appealing.

How to Join Online Book Club

Joining Online Book Club as a reviewer is straightforward. You simply visit the website and complete the registration form with your email address and other info. After confirming your registration via email, you can read the reviewer guidelines and start browsing books to review.

The opportunity is open to anyone ages 18+ worldwide. There is no application process - just sign up and get started! Reviewers are asked to provide some basic information to set up an account, including a bio and profile photo. The sign-up process takes just a few minutes, allowing eager readers to dive right into available books.

Some qualifications for reviewers include:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Fluent in English
  • Passion for reading and reviewing books
  • Available 3-5 hours per week to read and review books
  • Meet minimum 300-word count for reviews
If you meet these basic criteria, you can get started as a paid book reviewer right away. The open and inclusive reviewer policy allows people from all walks of life to participate.

Online Book Club Review Conclusion

So is Online Book Club legit and worth your time? Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Available worldwide
  • Convenient PayPal payment method
  • No minimum payout threshold
  • Free books to read before publication
  • Flexible reading and reviewing on any device
  • Simple, easy-to-use website
  • Open to all who meet basic qualifications


  • Very limited earning opportunities
  • Low hourly pay rate
  • Time investment reading books
  • Limited number of books available for review
  • Site design could use some improvement

Overall, Online Book Club is a legitimate site, but the earning potential is low. It's best suited for true book lovers who want early access to new releases. For those primarily interested in making money, there are better survey sites and apps that offer higher reward rates.


Online Book Club provides a real opportunity to earn by writing book reviews, but it comes with some significant limitations. The small per-review payments and time investment required make it a lackluster choice for anyone seeking substantial income. However, book enthusiasts may find value in reading and reviewing upcoming titles before publication.

While Online Book Club is legit, it caters to a narrow audience. For most, there are better uses of their time and skills to earn online. But for avid readers excited by the idea of getting paid to do what they love, it could be worth looking into further.

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