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Is Earnviv Legit or Scam? The Truth Revealed (Full Review)

Is Earnviv Legit or a Scam? (Full Review)

With the rise of the digital economy, many people are looking for ways to earn extra money online. Sites like Earnviv promise rewards for completing simple tasks and offers, but are they legit or just a scam? In this review, we'll evaluate Earnviv to determine if it's worth your time.

Earniv Sign Up

What is Earnviv?

Earnviv is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that rewards users for participating in various earning opportunities on their platform. It offers ways to earn coins through offerwalls, playing games, clicking ads, completing tasks, using a crypto faucet, referral programs, and more.

Earnviv appears to have been operating since at least 2018 and pays out earned coins to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum via FaucetPay. You can also cash out to PayPal or gift cards. The minimum payout is 10,000 coins for crypto, 50,000 for PayPal, and 100,000 for gift cards.

Payment Methods

Earnviv offers several payment methods for cashing out your earned coins, including cryptocurrency, PayPal, and gift cards. The minimum withdrawal amounts vary for each option, but in general, you'll need thousands of coins to reach the minimum payout, which typically equates to just a few dollars.


To withdraw cryptocurrency, you need a minimum of 10,000 coins, equivalent to around $1 worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum. The exact amount varies based on market rates. This is the lowest payout threshold but may be inconvenient for those without an existing crypto wallet or experience using digital currencies.


For PayPal withdrawals, you need at least 50,000 coins, worth around $5. PayPal is a popular payment method for many users, so this option may be preferred over cryptocurrency for some. However, the higher minimum makes it take longer to earn a payout.

Gift Cards

To redeem gift cards, you need 100,000 coins, equivalent to around $10. Gift cards provide a way to earn rewards that can be used for shopping at major retailers. The high minimum withdrawal means it can take a significant time investment to earn a gift card payout though.

The payment methods and thresholds on Earnviv are fairly standard for GPT sites. While the options provide some flexibility, the minimums are on the higher end of the scale, requiring more effort to earn a payout compared to some competitors.

Earning Potential

Earnviv offers many ways to earn, but payouts are generally low compared to other GPT sites. It will likely take a significant time investment to earn any substantial rewards. The most lucrative options are offerwalls and referral commissions.


Offerwalls provide the highest payouts but involve promoting other sites and products. You must fully complete each offer to earn coins. Rewards for offerwall activities typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand coins. While the potential is higher than other earning methods, the time required can also be significant, and there is some risk of being scammed by less reputable offers.


Playing games earns just a few coins and is not very lucrative for the time spent. Most games reward 10-30 coins at a time, so you would need to play for hours to earn a few dollars. This method is really only worthwhile if you enjoy the games and see earning a few coins as a bonus.


Completing promotional tasks for Earnviv can provide good rewards but may involve writing positive reviews, so opportunities are limited. When available, tasks typically pay 500-5,000 coins or more, depending on the specifics. However, these higher-paying chances are sporadic, so earnings potential from tasks alone is low.


Referring active users earns a 35% commission on all their earnings. This passive income potential is likely the most lucrative earning method for those able to refer many high-earning users. However, without an existing audience, referrals can be difficult to generate, and there is no guarantee those you refer will remain active or earn substantial rewards.

In summary, while Earnviv does provide some ways to earn rewards, the low payouts combined with inconsistent opportunities make the potential earnings quite small for the time required. Only by utilizing referrals or completing high-paying offerwall offers regularly could you earn a meaningful amount, and even then, it may take months to reach common minimum payouts. For most users, the rewards likely do not outweigh the time input.

Available Platforms

Earnviv can be accessed on desktop and Android devices. There is no iOS app, so Apple users are limited to the web-based platform which can be inconvenient. The lack of an iOS app limits the convenience and accessibility for a large portion of potential users. An app typically provides a better overall experience for users on mobile devices as well.

How to Join

Earnviv appears to be available globally. You can sign up with an email or Google account. Just complete the registration form to get started earning coins. The simple sign-up process only takes a couple of minutes to complete. You will need to enter information like your name, email address, password, and country of residence.


While Earnviv is a legitimate GPT site that provides ways to earn real money and rewards, the low payouts and inconsistent opportunities make it difficult to earn substantial money for the time spent. Only the most active users who utilize the highest-paying options like offerwalls and referrals regularly can expect meaningful earnings, and that may still take a long time to achieve.


  • Decent variety of earning opportunities
  • PayPal payout option
  • Referral program for passive income potential


  • Very low rewards compared to most GPT sites
  • Poor user experience with lots of ads and popups
  • No iOS app limits convenience and accessibility
  • High minimum payouts require significant time investment

For most users, the rewards on Earnviv are not worth the frustrations. There are many better GPT sites and ways to make money online that offer higher earning potential, a better overall experience, and more payment options with lower minimums. While Earnviv can be legitimately used, your time is probably better spent on other money-making opportunities.


Earnviv is a GPT rewards site that allows users to earn coins through various activities like offerwalls, games, surveys, and more. It pays out in cryptocurrency, PayPal, or gift cards but has low rewards compared to similar sites. Annoying ads and lack of iOS support further diminish the user experience. While legit, Earnviv is likely not worth the time for most when better options are available.

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