Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer Review (IPRoyal) - Passive Money but Slow Internet? (formerly known as IPRoyal Pawns) appears as a site proposing to pay users for sharing their spare internet bandwidth in the form of online passive income. 

This review will determine whether is legitimate as a great passive earning opportunity or if it should be avoided as a potential scam. 

We can assess whether is worth considering by looking at its features, income choices, payment methods, and user experiences.


What is Pawns / IPRoyal?, formerly known as IPRoyal Pawns, is a real Get-Paid-To (GPT) site where users may earn money by sharing their internet connection. 

Although the site has been rebranded, the functionality and opportunities have not changed. primarily monetizes users' excess internet bandwidth while also presenting new income opportunities., like Honeygain, another internet connection sharing business, offers a variety of ways to generate passive income.

1. Sharing Internet Connection

Sharing your internet connection is the primary source of income on 

Once the setup process is complete, this strategy allows for passive revenue without requiring ongoing work. 

Users can earn money in the background by installing's program on the intended device and following the setup instructions.

When the user share their internet bandwidth, the user's internet speed may suffer slightly. 

Companies use this spare bandwidth for things like improving testing processes, accessing geo-blocked content, and tracking the efficacy of their adverts. claims to pay $0.20 every gigabyte of data shared, plus an additional $0.02 per gigabyte for every continuous hour the application is operational. 

The earned amount is displayed in the user's dashboard, and withdrawals are permitted after the minimal criteria is met.

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2. Affiliate Program

Apart from sharing internet bandwidth, users Users can make money through's referral or affiliate program in addition to sharing internet bandwidth. 

Users can earn a 10% reward when their referrals make withdrawals by asking others to join the service using a unique referral link. 

In addition, new members who join through an invitation link may be eligible for a $1 one-time bonus.

You can even earn 15% boost if you use the special referral code we provided.

3. Paid Surveys

Surprisingly, has lately added paid online surveys as a new way to earn money. 

Although unusual for an internet bandwidth sharing site, it gives users the option to increase their profits. It should be noted that survey availability may differ depending on the user's location.

Is Safe to Use?

The application facilitates the supply of proxy services to third-party businesses such as IPRoyal, MarsProxies, and others.

Is it safe? Absolutely! Your safety is their primary priority, and goes to great lengths to carefully examine their partners before providing them access to their network. does not gather any user data that is not required for the service to function. 

This includes the user's email address, IP address, and preferred payment methods. The connections formed by are inaccessible to third parties and fully encrypted, ensuring that important information is kept secure at all times.

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Payment Methods of

Earnings from internet bandwidth sharing and survey completion are credited to the user's account balance. 

Users can request withdrawals once their accounts achieve the $5 minimum balance. provides a variety of handy payment options, including PayPal, Bitcoin, and virtual gift cards. The offered gift card alternatives differ depending on the user's country, providing payment flexibility.

Earning Potential of

The earning potential of is affected by a number of factors, including location and network speed. 

While the base fee is $0.20 per gigabyte of shared data, customers with high-speed internet connections and those residing in countries such as the United States and Europe can earn more. 

According to, users can make between $5 and $140 per month using passive income methods. Users can improve their profits by taking paid surveys and taking advantage of the referral program.

Available Platforms for is compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms. 

To ensure optimal usage, it is advised that various devices be assigned different network/IP addresses. Multiple devices on the same network/IP address do not significantly contribute to revenue.

How to Join is available worldwide, with unique opportunities varying every country. 

To join the service, users must be of legal age according to their country's rules. 

Filling out a sign-up form, verifying the provided email address, and downloading and installing the program on the user's device are all part of the registration procedure.


Conclusion (previously IPRoyal Pawns) is a genuine GPT site where users may make passive income by sharing excess internet bandwidth and taking paid surveys. 

While it has appealing features and a low payment threshold, there are some drawbacks to consider. 

When sharing bandwidth, users may notice a little drop in internet speed, and support response times may vary.

Overall, provides a viable passive income possibility, particularly for people residing in higher-earning countries. 

Users can enhance their profits through a combination of passive internet bandwidth sharing, paid surveys, and referral program. 

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  • Offers a passive form of earning
  • Low payout threshold
  • Convenient payment methods (PayPal, Bitcoin, gift cards)


  • Possible decrease in internet speed
  • Customer support may slow sometimes

Individuals looking for additional passive money may find useful, especially when combining different earning sources. 

While earning potential differs by location, provides convenient payment options, making it an appealing option for customers globally.


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