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Online Job Opportunity For Movie, Series and Audiobook Lover | $400 Monthly

We Are Hiring!

Starting on May 2nd, we are seeking individuals with a dedication and enthusiasm for consuming movies, series, and audiobooks on leading streaming platforms, and subsequently writing a comprehensive reviews.

This part-time position offers a fixed monthly salary of $400. Reviewers will be assigned a weekly list consisting of 4-5 movies or 1 series/audiobook, to be assessed according to predefined criteria.

Key Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated passion for movies, series, and audiobooks beyond a casual interest.
  • Access to a needed device (e.g., smartphone, television, notebook) for media consumption; streaming accounts will be provided by us.
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English at a professional level.
  • Medium to expert level experience in writing reviews.

If you're interested and believe to fit this role, please send us a brief email with a short cover letter.

Email Us:

We will promptly review all submissions and reach out to suitable candidates ASAP.

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