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Prize Blast Review - Legit Way to Win Prizes or Scam?

Prize Blast App Review - Legit? (Full Details Revealed)

What is Prize Blast?

Prize Blast is a mobile game app that gives users the chance to win real prizes while playing. The app offers a treasure hunt style game where you progress through levels to collect rewards. The main reward is Pirate Bottles, which are needed to unlock more levels. The goal is to collect enough Pirate Bottles to build your ship and find the treasure map, which allows you to cash out your earnings.

Prize Blast Sign Up

The concept of Prize Blast seems interesting as it provides an entertaining game experience while also giving you the opportunity to win prizes. However, after testing out the app, I have found that it is difficult to actually earn money or win prizes. The game levels take an extremely long time to finish and the sweepstakes drawings do not seem to end. Overall, Prize Blast appears to lack transparency and a reliable payment system.

Payment Methods

There are two potential ways to get paid with Prize Blast:

The first payment method is to cash out the money you accumulate in your piggy bank by finding the treasure map and finishing the game. Based on my experience, this can take over a year of consistent playing to achieve. The game levels start out easy but become increasingly more difficult. Without spending money on in-app purchases to advance faster, it is not realistic to finish the game and cash out.

The second option is to win prizes through the sweepstakes drawings. You get entries into the drawings by playing the game. The prizes seem enticing and include things like game consoles, TVs, and more. However, Prize Blast does not provide a clear timeline for when the sweepstakes end or winners will be announced. There is no guarantee you will actually win a prize, even if playing for an extended period of time.

In summary, the payment options with Prize Blast are unreliable and opaque. The chances of earning money or winning a prize are very low, even with diligent playing over many months. I do not consider Prize Blast to have a legitimate or worthwhile payment system.

Earning Potential

The earning potential with Prize Blast is essentially non-existent. In an hour of playing, I earned around $60 worth of rewards according to the app. However, there is no way to actually cash out and receive this money without investing huge amounts of time to find the treasure map.

Realistically, you will not make any actual money with Prize Blast. The app markets itself as a way to win prizes and earn rewards, but the system is designed so that very few users will ever reach the payment thresholds. The only real value in Prize Blast is the entertainment from playing the treasure hunt style games. I do not recommend it as a money making method or way to earn income.

Available Platform

Prize Blast is only available as a mobile app. You can download it for free on both iOS and Android devices. The app seems to function similarly on both platforms, so compatibility is not an issue. However, the core problems with lack of payment and transparency persist regardless of which operating system you use.

While the availability on both major mobile platforms is a good thing, it does not outweigh the significant downsides and flaws with how Prize Blast operates. The app ultimately fails to provide a rewarding experience or legitimate way to earn money, even though it is accessible to most mobile users.

How to Join

To get started with Prize Blast, simply download the app from your device's app store. When you first open the app, you will log in with either your Google or Apple ID. This login process is standard to link your account and progress to your mobile profile.

Later on, Prize Blast will prompt you to provide additional personal information like your full name, address, and date of birth. The app claims this information is needed to verify your identity and allow you to win prizes. However, I am skeptical about providing sensitive data to an app with a questionable payment system and lack of transparency.

The sign up process for Prize Blast is straightforward but I have concerns about their data collection practices. I would advise using caution and avoiding entering any information you do not feel fully comfortable with. There are too many unknowns with how Prize Blast operates to trust them handling your personal data.


Here are the main pros and cons of Prize Blast:


  • Fun, addicting game to play: The treasure hunt style gameplay can be entertaining in short bursts.
  • Available on iOS and Android: The app is accessible to most mobile users.


  • Extremely hard and slow to actually earn money: The payment system is designed so very few users achieve the reward thresholds.
  • Lack of transparency around payments: There are too many uncertainties with if or when you can cash out earnings or win prizes.
  • Lots of forced ad watching: The app frequently interrupts gameplay to show ads, which further slows progress.
  • Data privacy concerns: Prize Blast asks for sensitive personal information but does not clearly state how it is used or secured.

In summary, I only recommend Prize Blast if you want a casual game to play for a few minutes at a time purely for entertainment. As an app to earn money or win substantial prizes, Prize Blast falls short. The lack of a legitimate payment system, forced ads, and data privacy issues outweigh any potential benefits.

For much better options to earn real money, I suggest using top survey and GPT sites instead. Those platforms will provide stable earnings if you are looking to make actual income online through mobile apps or websites.

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