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Cocoon MDR™ (MyData Rewards) Review - Is It Safe Way to Earn $5 Per Day?

Cocoon MyData Rewards claims to offer a unique opportunity to profit from the data you share with its platform. 

While the concept may sound intriguing, it's crucial to thoroughly understand how it works before considering participation. 

This in-depth review of Cocoon MyData Rewards will provide insights into its offerings and help you decide if it's truly worth your time and effort. 

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What is Cocoon MyData Rewards?

Cocoon MyData Rewards is a legitimate platform that allows you to earn from the data you share with it. 

It operates under the principle of selling the data it collects, enabling users to earn passively. To participate, users must install the Cocoon MyData Rewards software on their Mac or Windows computers. There is also a mobile app available for Android users. 

The software functions as a web browser, and users earn by browsing the internet through it. The platform collects non-personally identifiable data, such as device location, installed applications, browsing history, device ID, model, and carrier. 

It explicitly avoids collecting sensitive information like financial data, phonebook, contacts, SMS, call-related data, microphone, and camera data. Users are essentially sharing data related to their browsing habits. 

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Is Cocoon MyData Rewards Safe to Use?

Cocoon MyData Rewards emphasizes its data collection focuses on non-personally identifiable information and commits not to compromise user privacy. 

However, individuals concerned about data sharing should carefully consider whether this platform aligns with their preferences. 

Payment Methods of Cocoon MyData Rewards

Cocoon MyData Rewards pays its users in cash for sharing data. 

The amount earned depends on the quantity and quality of the shared data, as well as current market rates, which may vary seasonally. 

Once you have accumulated at least $5 in your account balance, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal. It's important to note that there is a 45-day waiting period before you can make your first withdrawal. 

Subsequent withdrawals can be made at any time, provided you meet the payout threshold.

Earning Potential of Cocoon MyData Rewards

The earning potential on Cocoon MyData Rewards is somewhat unclear. 

The platform doesn't provide specific details on payment rates for shared data, making it difficult to estimate potential earnings. While the site mentions that some members earn hundreds of dollars per year, it's challenging to determine how realistic this is. 

Based on available information, the earning potential seems limited. 

The passive nature of earning through data sharing may not yield significant profits for most users.

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Available Platforms for Cocoon MyData Rewards

Cocoon MyData Rewards offers a mobile app, but it's only compatible with Android devices. iOS users are not able to use the app. 

Additionally, using the app requires switching to the Cocoon MyData Rewards browser, which may not be ideal for users already accustomed to their current browsers like Google Chrome.

How to Join Cocoon MyData Rewards

Cocoon MyData Rewards is available worldwide, allowing users from various countries to sign up. However, the amount you can earn and the devices supported may vary depending on your location. 

The registration process is straightforward, and users can start earning after signing up. 

Keep in mind that the 45-day waiting period applies to the first withdrawal.

Join Cocoon MDR™


Cocoon MyData Rewards offers a legitimate opportunity for passive earnings through data sharing. 

While it presents some positive aspects, there are several drawbacks to consider: 


  • Offers PayPal as a payment option
  • Available worldwide


  • Low rewards
  • Lengthy waiting period for first withdrawal
  • Requires switching to a different browser to earn

In conclusion, Cocoon MyData Rewards may not be the best app to invest your time in. The low earning potential and extended waiting period for the first withdrawal make it less attractive than other passive earning opportunities. 

If you're looking for more lucrative and efficient ways to earn online, exploring other options may be more beneficial.

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