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Opinion Edge Review - Is It Legit or a Scam? Expert Look

Opinion Edge Review - Is It Legit? (What to Expect)

Wondering if Opinion Edge is a legit survey site worth joining or just another scam? This detailed review covers everything you need to know to decide if Opinion Edge is right for you.

Opinion Edge Sign Up

What is Opinion Edge?

Opinion Edge is an online survey site where members can earn rewards for sharing their valuable opinions by taking surveys. It offers two main ways to earn: paid surveys and a referral program. The paid surveys are the primary way members earn on the platform. There are usually a good number of surveys available on a range of topics like consumer goods, healthcare, technology, and more. Each survey will tell you the reward amount and estimated completion time upfront so you know what to expect. Rewards for surveys typically range from 50-200 points depending on the length and involvement. Even if you get disqualified from a survey, you'll receive 2-10 points for your time.

The referral program is another way to earn on Opinion Edge. You can refer friends and family to join the site. For each referral that signs up and completes their registration, you'll receive 20 points. The key is only referring people genuinely interested in taking surveys on the platform to avoid frustration. Overall, the earning potential on Opinion Edge seems decent if you participate regularly in the available surveys and referrals.

Payment Methods

Currently, the only way to redeem your Opinion Edge points is for Tango gift cards. The minimum redemption thresholds depend on your membership level:

  • Level 1 - 1500 points for $15 gift card
  • Level 2 - 1000 points for $10 gift card
  • Level 3 - 500 points for $5 gift card

You start at Level 1 but can increase your level by completing more surveys. Opinion Edge has stated they plan to add PayPal as a payment method option soon which would provide more flexibility. For now, you are limited to redeeming for Tango gift cards to use at many popular retailers.

Earning Potential

How much you can earn on Opinion Edge will ultimately depend on how active you are in taking the available surveys. With plenty of surveys available on a range of topics, it seems possible to earn a decent amount if you participate regularly. You can expect to earn between 50 to 200 points or more per survey based on the length and complexity. The more involved surveys, typically on more complex topics, often pay 200 points or more. By consistently taking part in the surveys a few times a week, earning $100 or more per month seems very achievable for most members. Your earnings will vary from month to month based on the number and type of surveys available and your activity, but with regular use, Opinion Edge could be a nice way to generate some extra money in your spare time.

Available Platform

Opinion Edge has both a website dashboard and mobile app for iOS and Android which makes it convenient to complete surveys whenever and wherever works for your schedule. You can start a survey on one device and finish it on another without losing your progress. The user experience seems simple and straightforward on both the website and in the mobile app based on reviews from members.

Who Can Join

Opinion Edge is currently available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. To join, you simply need to provide some basic personal information during the registration process like your name, email address, physical address, and confirm you are over 18 years of age. As with most survey sites, some surveys may be targeted to certain demographics based on factors like age, gender, location, and other details which are collected in your member profile. The information is kept private and only used by survey providers to match you with relevant paid survey opportunities.

How to Join Opinion Edge

Signing up for Opinion Edge only takes a couple of minutes. You just go to their website and provide your name, email address, password, and confirm you are over 18. After confirming your email, you can immediately start taking surveys on the site. Be sure to provide accurate personal details in your member profile to increase your chances of qualifying for more surveys. You can then start earning rewards points for the surveys you complete which can be redeemed for Tango gift cards.

Conclusion - Is Opinion Edge Legit?

In my experience evaluating Opinion Edge, it seems to be a legitimate paid survey site. Here are the main pros and cons to consider:


  • Good number of surveys available on various topics
  • User-friendly website and mobile app
  • Get points even for disqualifications
  • Decent earning potential for active members


  • No cash payment option yet, only Tango gift cards
  • Some surveys don't pay as well as others

Overall, Opinion Edge appears worth joining if you're interested in taking paid surveys for rewards and are eligible to participate based on your location. It provides plenty of survey opportunities on a smooth platform. The earning potential seems good for regular members. The option to redeem points for gift cards rather than cash is a bit of a downside currently but may improve if they add PayPal as a payment method as stated. For an easy way to generate some extra money in your spare time, Opinion Edge could be a solid choice.

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